AWPO assists Indian Army veterans, Veer Naris, and dependents in finding job opportunities in public and private sectors. Register with AWPO, a no-profit organization, to explore employment options nationwide

1.    Introduction


Army Welfare Placement Organisation (AWPO) is a welfare organization of the Indian Army, established to helps Veterans, Veer Naris, Wards of Veer Naris and dependents of serving/retired personnel in Exploring Employment Opportunities in the Public Sector and private sector.  AWPO is a “No profit No loss”.  AWPO assist the business house/industries and other such civil organisation, who are looking for the suitable ex-army personnel & their dependents for fulfilling job recruitment in their organization.  AWPO is registered as a society & has all India network.

2.   Registration Procedure

To register with AWPO, you need to fill out a registration form and submit it along with the required registration fee and documents. You can send these directly to HQ AWPO or any Placement Node/Placement Centre (PN/PC). You can download the blank AWPO registration form from the AWPO website or get it from HQ AWPO or any nearby PN/PC. This form must be completed accurately and submitted with all the necessary information to ensure successful registration with AWPO.

3.    Eligibility Criteria.    

The following personnel are eligible to register with AWPO:

(a)        Veterans.

(i) Retired Army Personnel: Those who have retired from the Indian Army after reaching the age of superannuation.

(ii) Retiring Indian Army Personnel: Those who are up to one year away from their date of superannuation.

(iii)       Personnel granted premature retirement other those on disciplinary grounds.

(iv)       Permanent low medical category persons being boarded out.

(v)        Short Service Commissioned officers and women officers released from the Army incl those who are due to be released (up to one year prior to their date of release).

(b)        Veer Nari/Wards (Widow/Widow’s ward).

(i)         Widows of Army personnel.

(ii)        One ward of the widow of Army personnel.

(c)        Dependents (Serving / Retired).

(i)         Legitimate born children, whether sons or daughters, of serving or  retired Army personnel.

(ii)        Legitimate born child of serving/retired Territorial Army/DSC personnel.

(iii)       Spouse of the Serving/retired Army personnel.

(iv)       Spouse of the serving/retired DSC /Territorial Army personnel.


4.       Registration Fee.           

All candidates, except widows and their wards, must pay the registration fees. Payment can be made online or via a Bank Draft drawn in favor of “Army Welfare Placement Organisation” payable at New Delhi.

The amount specified for each category is as follows:

CategoryRegistration Fee
OfficersRs 750/-
JCOsRs 500/-
OR (Other Ranks)Rs 300/-
DependentRs 300/- (Nil for dependents whose parents are already registered)
Widow/Widow Ward Free

            Note : –

            (a)        Non-refundable for all categories.

            (b)        Fresh registration after two years.

            (c)        Fee is for on one-time placement.

5.         How to Register.

            (a)        Creating a user ID.

            (b)        Fill out the correct AWPO registration form with accurate details.

(c) Providing payment details.

6.     Guidelines for Online Registration .  

Candidates can register online on the AWPO website. However, authentication will be done upon receipt of the hard copies at the office. The steps for online registration are as follows:

(a)        Log on to AWPO website with URL on civil internet.  Home page of AWPO website is displayed.

(b) Click the relevant category hyperlink under JOB SEEKER SECTION given on the top-left of Home page.  PROCEDURE FOR REGISTRATION page is opened.  Follow the following registration procedure.


Registration Procedure with AWPO

1. Create an Account:

  • Visit the Army Welfare Placement Organisation website.
  • Complete the form to create a user account.
  • Receive a user ID and password upon successful completion.

2. Complete the Registration:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Enter the requisite details and upload the required documents.

Required Documents:

For Officers:

  • AWPO Registration Form (two copies) with a photograph.
  • Photocopy of PPO/Retirement Order/Release Order/Discharge Documents (duly attested).
  • Payment of Rs 750/- for registration charges.
  • Email a soft copy of your latest resume in MS Word format.

For JCOs:

  • AWPO Registration Form (two copies) with a photograph.
  • Photocopy of PPO/Retirement Order/Discharge Book (duly attested).
  • Payment of Rs 500/- or Rs 300/- (depending on the case) for registration charges.

For Widows/Widow Ward:

  • AWPO Registration Form (two copies) with a photograph.
  • Photocopy of Family Pension Order (duly attested).

For Dependents:

  • AWPO Registration Form (two copies) with a photograph.
  • Copy of Family Pension Order/Discharge Book (for dependents of retirees, duly attested).
  • Payment of Rs 500/- for registration charges (unless the dependent’s parent is already registered with Army Welfare Placement Organisation).

3. Online Payment:

  • Pay the registration fee online using a credit card or debit card on the AWPO website.
  • Online payment ensures quick processing and you’ll receive your registration number and receipt immediately.


  • Registration for widows and their wards is free of cost.
  • Dependent registration is free if the parent is already registered with AWPO.
  • If you’ve already registered but haven’t completed the payment, you can make the payment online.

Proceed with your online registration!


7.   Resume Writing Service.  

To highlight your skills in the corporate world, facility for tailoring your resumes by professional civil resume writers has been arranged by the Army Welfare Placement Organisation with  The information is accessible on the website

ESM CORNERS’ Resume Building service for Indian Armed Forces Veterans

8.   Contact Details.

Army Welfare Placement Organisation Adjutant General’s Branch/CW Directorate Directorate of Indian Army Veterans Integrated Headquarters of MoD (Army) Building No-67, Maude Lines Cavalry Road, Delhi Cantt-110010Telephone No : 011-25671552 & 25675385 Tele Fax No : 25671549
Mobile No : 09717003700 Toll Free : 1800-11-9922 Website :
E-mail :  

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