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We’re your go-to place for all things post-retirement. Our mission is simple: to provide Indian Armed Forces Veterans with valuable, relevant, and trustworthy information. We’re here to assist veterans in their post-retirement journey, offering a wide range of topics and insights. Whether you need advice, inspiration, or information, we’ve got your back.

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Retirement Planning We guide you through your retirement journey, from pre-retirement planning to post-retirement security. We help you create a personalized retirement plan that meets your needs and goals.

Defense News & Updates We keep you updated on the latest defense news, policies, and quotas. We provide you with reliable and timely information, so you can make informed decisions and seize new opportunities.

Jobs Portal We help you find suitable jobs after retirement, from DGR, AWPO, or private and public sectors. We provide you with job alerts, registration, profiles, career counseling, resume builder, and ITR filing.

ECHS Facility We help you navigate ECHS, a health care scheme for ex-servicemen and their dependents. We provide you with information on facilities, procedures, hospitals, and polyclinics. We also give you health and technology tips.

CSD Facility Updates We help you access CSD, a facility that offers products at subsidized rates for ex-servicemen and their families. We provide you with CSD updates, criteria, registration processes, availability, and prices of products.

OROP in Detail We help you understand OROP, a scheme that provides equal pension to retired personnel of the same rank and length of service. We provide you with information, updates, eligibility criteria, pension calculation, arrears, and grievance redressal.

SPARSH – Pension Updates SPARSH is an online system for pensioners, with pension details, slip, and grievance redressal. We provide information on SPARSH updates, types, and criteria. We help you register, download, and submit.

Welfare Schemes We offer various welfare schemes and programs for ex-servicemen and their dependents, for financial, educational, and social support. We help you find and apply for schemes from ZSB/KSB and others.

Policies & Forms Kit We provide critical documents for ex-servicemen and their families, such as policies, circulars, advisories, and office memorandums, along with a forms kit. We help you download, fill, and submit the forms.

How-To Guides & FAQ’s We provide step-by-step guides and FAQ’s for ex-servicemen and their families, for website registration, pension slip downloads, ESM I card issuance, and more. We help you navigate the website and the services.

ESM Affairs & Events We connect you with the ESM community, covering special occasions, events, and organizational details. We provide information on raising days, holidays, and Sainik Rest Houses. We help you celebrate and honor the ESM heritage.

Education Portal We prioritize education for ex-servicemen and their families, with insights into schools, colleges, scholarships, and skill training programs. We help you find and enroll in the AWES RIMC, RMS, Sainik School and APS for continued learning.

Our services

Are you looking for professional and reliable services to help you with your legal, financial, and career needs? If yes, then you have come to the right place. At ESM CORNER We offer the following services:

RTI Filing:
We help you file RTI applications online, to seek information from any public authority in India.
Legal Help for AFT
We help you seek legal advice and representation for cases related to the Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT).
Customized Resume Building
 We help you create a compelling resume that showcases your skills and achievements.
ITR Filing
We help you file your income tax returns online, and claim deductions and exemptions.

Contact us today to avail our services and get the best results. We are here to serve you.

Lastly, our Community section fosters a sense of belonging, connecting Tri-Services Future retirees and veterans

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