The Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA) enhances the welfare of Army personnel families both serving and retired, through financial aid, educational scholarships, and vocational training. Their mission is to improve living conditions and protect the rights of these families.


The Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA) supports the families, children, and dependents of Army personnel. Its mission is to improve the welfare of these families, including retired soldiers’ families, by focusing on their well-being. It collaborates with Central and State Governments on initiatives aimed at enhancing living conditions for the rural poor within these groups. Additionally, It is dedicated to protecting the human rights of Army personnel and their families, ensuring they receive the support and recognition they deserve. Through these efforts, it plays a crucial role in promoting the well-being and rights of those associated with the Indian Army, significantly impacting their lives.

Welfare Schemes By AWWA

  Ser No  Welfare Scheme & Eligibility  Amount/ Benefit  Remarks
  1. AWWA Ex-Gratia: Immediate Relief for Families of Fallen Soldiers   The Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA) provides Ex-Gratia to the families of all ranks in the Army who pass away while in service.   This financial assistance is given promptly by the soldier’s unit or establishment upon their demise. AWWA later reimburses the amount, ensuring immediate support during difficult times.  Rs 15,000/-  Death in service
  2.AWWA Marriage Grant   Death of ESM Post Retirement   To widows/dependents/orphaned children in financial distress  Rs 30,000/-  On the marriage of wards post-retirement death
  3.AWWA Financial Grant   Purchase of sewing machines to the wives of personnel invalided out from service with 100% disability   Widows (On the death of ESM after retirement)  Rs 6,000/-  Wives of disabled & widows
  4.AWWA Education Scholarship (Up to Graduation) @   On the death of ESM after the retirement   Applicable to wards of disabled soldiers invalided out of service & not drawing pension   Authorized to a maximum of two children in each academic session   @ At the decision of the President of AWWA, any other deserving candidate may also receive consideration  Rate per child per session wef 2018-19  Also applicable to differently-abled children
Class Ist  to Class VthRs 6,000/- 
Class VI to Class VIIIRs 8,000/- 
Class IX to Class XIIRs 10,000/- 
Normal Graduation/ Post Graduation from any UniversityRs 12,000/- 
  5.AWWA Technical Education Grant to Children @ On the death of ESM after the retirement   Also applicable towards of disabled soldiers invalided out of service & not drawing pension   Engineering degree course/MBBS/MD course/ BBA/ MBA course from a recognized university.   Any other course where the tuition fee of the course is more than Rs 30,000/- per year.   @Any another deserving candidate at the discretion of President AWWA  Rs 30,000/- per child (Max two children)  Also applicable to differently-abled children Rates are applicable wef 2018-19
1st child Rs 30,000/-  If both children undergo a technical degree
2nd child Rs 20,000/-
  6.AWWA Disability Grant (All Ranks)   To all disabled personnel boarded out medically   The disability must be attributable to military service in the field, high altitude and counter-insurgency/counter-terrorist areas.  Rs 5,000/-  All Ranks
  7.37 Asha Schools for Specially Abled Children   Provides education, rehabilitation training and support to differently-abled children   Disabilities handled: Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Speech & Language Problems, Hearing Impairment, Learning Disabilities, Multiple Disabilities, Autism.  12 disabilities handled  All Ranks
  8.Asha Pre Vocational Training Centre, Delhi Cantt   A noble initiative focused on empowering and supporting children with disabilities within our society  Vocational training for specially-abled children  All Ranks
  9.AWWA Hostels for Girls   Daughters of serving & retired all ranks   A safe and supportive residential environment is offered in metropolitan cities for girls to pursue higher education 05 girls hostels      (Click Here for Details)  All Ranks
  10.Disaster Relief Support   ESM & their widows  One time grant  At the discretion of President AWWA on the recommendation of the coordinating body

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The Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA) provides crucial support to the families of Army personnel, offering financial relief, education grants, and disability aid. Their comprehensive programs aim to improve living conditions, provide vocational training, and support higher education for dependents and differently-abled children. AWWA’s efforts ensure that the families of Army personnel receive the necessary resources and opportunities to enhance their quality of life and achieve their educational and vocational goals.

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