Discover how to easily download Form 16 and pension slip from SPARSH. This guide provides veterans with a clear path to managing their pension documents online.

Managing pension-related documents is a crucial aspect of post-service life. The System for Pension Administration (RAKSHA), or SPARSH portal, simplifies this process, allowing veterans to access important documents like Form 16 and pension-slips online. This ensures transparency and ease in managing financial records. The SPARSH portal makes it easy for veterans to get these documents quickly and securely, ensuring they have what they need for financial management and transparency in their post-service lives. This digital tool is all about convenience and clarity for those who have served the nation.

For veterans, Form-16 is a critical tax document that details the tax deducted at source (TDS) from their pension income. It serves as proof of tax payment and is essential for filing annual tax returns. Pension-slips, on the other hand, provide a monthly breakdown of the pension received, including deductions and allowances. Both of these documents are important for budgeting and financial planning.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help veterans download these documents from SPARSH, ensuring they have all the necessary information for their personal administration.

 Step 1: Accessing the SPARSH Portal

Begin by opening your web browser and visiting the SPARSH portal. The website is user-friendly and designed to cater to the needs of defence pensioners.

Step 2: Logging In

On the homepage, locate the login section. You will need your SPARSH user ID and password to log in.  Fill in your User ID and Password and enter the OTP that you will receive in your registered Mobile number. (Your User ID is your PPO number followed by 01,02 and 03 for Service pension, family pension and dependent pensioner respectively.)

Step 3:  Accessing Documents

Once you’re logged in, in the portal, go to ‘My Documents’. Here, all your pension papers are sorted for you. It’s easy to use,  you can find and handle things like Form-16 and pension-slips without trouble. Also, you will find options to download your Form 16, PPO, and pension slip in PDF format.

Step 4: Downloading Form 16

Form 16 is a vital document for submitting your income tax returns. It’s the proof you need to show taxes deducted from your pension. To download it, locate Form-16 in the ‘My Documents’ section and click to download. Ensure you save it securely for your records.


Step 5: Downloading Pension Slips

Similarly, for pension slips, click on the respective link in the ‘My Documents’ section. These slips provide a detailed account of your monthly pension disbursements.

Step 6: Printing Documents

After downloading, you have the option to print these documents for physical records or use in official procedures.

Step 13: Navigating Help and Support

For any issues or queries, SPARSH provides a help and support section. Veterans can find FAQs, contact information, and guidance for troubleshooting common problems.


SPARSH has significantly eased the management of pension-related affairs for veterans. By following the steps outlined above, veterans can efficiently download Form-16 and pension-slips, ensuring they have the necessary documents for financial planning and tax filing. The portal’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive services reflect a commitment to the welfare of India’s defence pensioners.

Tips for a Smooth Experience

  • Keep your login credentials secure and change your password regularly.
  • Regularly check the SPARSH portal for any updates or notifications regarding your pension.
  • Utilize the help and support features available on the portal for any assistance needed.
  • Stay informed about the latest guidelines and procedures by visiting official government websites or contacting the ZSB directly.

By staying proactive and informed, veterans can make the most of the services offered by SPARSH, ensuring hassle-free management of their pension and related documents.

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