A Resume and a CV are documents that summarize your skills, education, work experience, and achievements. They are used to apply for jobs and showcase your qualifications to potential employers. A resume is usually one or two pages long, while a CV can be longer and more detailed.

If you are an Indian armed forces future retiree or a veteran, you may need a resume or a CV for a second job in the civilian sector. This is because you have to translate your military experience into skills and achievements that are relevant and understandable to civilian employers. You also have to highlight your transferable skills, such as leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and communication. You have to show how your military service has prepared you for the job you are applying for.

Tips to prepare a Good Resume:

There are various resources and examples that can help you create a resume or a CV for a second job as an Indian armed forces veteran. Here are some dos and don’ts for preparing a resume:

  • Make your resume look good by keeping it clean and organized. Use headings, bullets, and enough space. Choose a clear font and size to make it easy for employers to find precise information. Making it easy to read helps create a strong impression.

  • Show your best skills and achievements for the job. Use the STAR method, action words, and numbers to tell what you did and how well you did it.

  • Use words that the employer can understand. Do not use military words or short forms that the employer may not know. Take professional help to convert those military words and acronyms to convert them to skills equivalent to civil.

  • Write your education and training that are related to the job or industry. Write your military and civilian education and training. Write any awards or honors you got for them.

  • Write your soft skills and personal traits that make you a good worker and a good person. Write skills like leadership, teamwork, communication, problem-solving, etc. Write your hobbies or interests.

  • Change your resume for each job. Use words from the job ad. Take professional help  to  improve your resume and match it to the job.

  • Check your resume for mistakes. Use online tools to help you fix your spelling, grammar, and punctuation. share it with someone else to read it and share their thoughts. They might offer valuable feedback to improve it and increase your chances of success.
  • Make your resume short and to the point. Your resume should be one or two pages long. Write only the information that is needed and related to the job and the employer.

  • Write a cover letter and a reference list. A cover letter is a letter that tells the employer who you are and why you want the job. A reference list is a list of people who can say good things about you.

  • Be truthful and positive. Do not lie or exaggerate your skills or experience on your resume. Be proud of your military service and how it has prepared you for the civilian job.

VC Ankur Warikoo

Your resume is a powerful tool that can help you land your dream job in the civilian sector. As an Indian armed forces veteran, you have many skills and achievements that are valuable and desirable to employers You should be proud of your military service and how it has prepared you for the civilian sector. However, you need to present them in a clear and professional way that showcases your potential and fit for the job. You also need to avoid some common mistakes that can ruin your chances of getting hired.

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