Discover the legacy of leadership at Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) - shaping young minds for a career in the Indian Defence Services.


The Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) is a school for young Boys and Girls who aspire to serve in the Indian Defence Service. Founded in 1922 by Britain’s Prince Edward VIII, the school’s mission was to train Indian youth to become army officers. The prince encouraged the first students to learn diligently and work hard.

Over the years, RIMC has produced numerous notable leaders in both military and civil sectors in India and Pakistan, including generals, Air Chiefs, Governors, Ambassadors, and Ministers. Their portraits are displayed in the school as a source of inspiration for the students.

RIMC prepares students for the National Defence Academy (NDA) and the Naval Academy (NAVAC). It also helps Cadets apply for CME & Technical entry (CTW) and other programs that lead to a career in the Defence Services. where they can pursue careers as officers in the Army, Navy, or Air Force. The school provides a well-rounded education, teaching not only academics but also Sports, Music, Art, and Leadership Skills. Students from all over India are selected through a rigorous examination process. RIMC is a place where young people learn to be brave, loyal, and patriotic citizens.


Initially, the RIMC wanted to teach Indian Boys well and train them to join the Royal Military College, Sandhurst. This was to make more Indian Officers in the Indian Army. RIMC was a school like an English Public School, not a college. The British thought that Indian Boys needed this education to be Army Officers, especially if they could not study in Britain.

They also thought that Indian Boys were good for the hard and strict life of the army. So, with this vision to make the chosen young men ready, the College trains young cadets to be the best military leaders of tomorrow. It also sends them to NDA, NAVAC, and other places where they can join the Defence Services.


RIMC is a school for both boys and girls (Girls entry started in 2022) aspiring to join the Indian Defence Services, it is nestled in a picturesque valley near the mountains in Dehradun Cantonment. The campus is extensive and lush, packed with diverse flora and fauna. Students from various Indian states are selected through a rigorous process involving a test, an interview, and a health check.

The campus boasts a mix of traditional and modern architecture. The Dormitories, Mess Hall, and Spacious Classrooms with Smart Boards and Labs are housed in charming British-style buildings.         The student-teacher ratio is favourable, with only 12.5 students per teacher, ensuring personalized attention.

In addition to academics, the campus offers numerous sports facilities, including fields, courts, pools, and shooting ranges, promoting a balanced and holistic education.


RIMC has a rich heritage and has produced numerous societal leaders, both in the military and civil sectors. This includes top-ranking military officers in India and Pakistan, as well as high-profile civilian dignitaries. The portraits of these luminaries serve as inspiration for the students. Some of these are Gen KS Thimayya, Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa, Vice Admiral Harinder Singh, Lt Gen PS Bhagat, Gen S Padmanabhan etc.


Developing Leaders: RIMC is all about growing leaders. It’s not just about book learning. They also focus on building leadership skills like discipline, teamwork, and resilience through different outside-the-classroom activities

Sports and Physical Fitness: RIMC recognizes the importance of physical health for mental well-being. Therefore, it emphasizes sports and physical fitness. With state-of-the-art facilities, students have the resources they need to excel in their chosen sports. At RIMC, sports are not just a pastime but a lifestyle. The college’s sports program, based on the philosophy of “a healthy mind in a healthy body,” has led to its teams excelling in various sports like cricket, hockey, soccer, shooting, athletics, and squash. The school values sports and games, dedicating time each afternoon to these activities, which help students learn organization, rule-following, and teamwork.



Global Exposure: RIMC gets students ready for a world where everyone is connected. Students learn about different cultures through exchange programs and international partnerships. This enhances their awareness of the world.

Alumni Success Stories: RIMC alumni have done great things. They’ve succeeded in many areas, like the military and politics, and have done a lot for the country. Their success shows how good RIMC is.

Character Building: RIMC doesn’t just teach academics and extracurriculars. They also help students become stronger people. The tough times at RIMC prepare students for the challenges of life.

Enduring Friendships: The friendships made at RIMC last a lifetime. This network of friends can be a big help in personal and professional life.


The Defence Ministry and the Army run the College through HQ ARTRAC. RIMC is the first Military School in India to have exams for Class X and XII twice a year, in May and November. The CBSE has approved these exams/certificates. The College has only Science Stream for +2. But it also teaches Social Sciences to help the Cadets join the NDA. The curriculum is hard but fun in its variety. Every activity has a goal and a time to make future leaders and develop them fully.

Tests are done often to check that the Cadets learn and understand the study material of each month. After the final exam, each cadet’s academic record is studied well and his rank in class is decided; with his achievements of the term being written in his file. Sessional work by a Cadet in class and at home is also important for his next class. Cadets learn the new types of questions to face the UPSC Exam for the NDA and NAVAC. RIMC has sent 60-90% of cadets to NDA from each course.



You can get the prospectus of RIMC, Dehradun by sending a self-addressed slip and a Bank Demand Draft. General Candidates need to pay Rs 600/- and ST/SC Candidates need to pay Rs 555/- with Caste Certificate by Demand Draft. The Demand Draft should be in favour of “THE COMMANDANT RIMC DEHRADUN” and drawn from SBI TEL BHAWAN, DEHRADUN branch. The Bank code is 01576, UTTARAKHAND. The Address should be clear and complete with PIN code and Contact Number. RIMC will not be responsible for any postal problems or loss of prospectus due to bad or wrong address. Or, you can pay online by clicking on the link on the website and the Prospectus will be sent to you.

Important Note:

  • Only the application forms from RIMC are valid. Forms that are printed or copied locally and without the RIMC seal are not valid.
  • The application fee cannot be returned for any reason.
  • The actual dates and notifications are announced by the Government of India, in all the big newspapers. Please follow them.


RIMC Dehradun takes about 25 boys and 10 girls every six months. Candidates must be 11½ to 13 years old on January 1 or July 1 when they join. They join in Class VIII only. They must be in or have passed Class VII from a good school when they join. They can get forms from RIMC or by post. They must fill out and send forms to their State Governments. Candidates are chosen by their marks in an    All-India Exam held twice a year with questions in English, Maths and General Knowledge. Good candidates are called for a talk test.


Understanding the admission process at RIMC is a key step. This Table provides a clear, overview of the application procedure, eligibility criteria, and tips for a successful application.

EligibilityAdmissions are open only for Class I (equivalent to Class VIII Candidates must be in Class VII or have cleared Class VII from a recognized school when they join RIMC. They should also meet the prescribed medical fitness standards.
AgeStudents must be 11½ to 13 years old on January 1 or July 1 when they join.
GenderBoth boys and girls are eligible for RIMC. RIMC started admitting girls for the first time in 100 years.
EducationCandidates must be in Class VII or have cleared Class VII from a recognized school when they join.
MedicalCandidates should be medically fit for the College, as per the medical standards prescribed.
ApplicationCandidates should fill and submit the application form to their respective State Governments along with a Bank Demand Draft of Rs 600/- for General Candidates and Rs 555/- for ST/SC Candidates with a Caste Certificate.
Notification of AdmissionThe notification for admission to the Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) is typically announced four months before starting of the term. It’s best to check the official RIMC website or relevant government notifications for the most accurate and up-to-date information.
ExaminationCandidates should appear for an All-India Entrance Examination held twice a year in June and Dec. The Examination has three parts: Written Exam, Viva Voce and Medical examination.
Admission Form Link
SelectionCandidates are selected based on their merit in the examination and the availability of vacancies in their State.
VacanciesBoys: For boys, there are approximately 25 vacancies every six months, with one or two vacancies per state depending on the population. Girls: For girls, there are 10 vacancies every six months, with no state-wise distribution.
SessionsThe College semester starts twice a year, in January and July.
Contact DetailsAdm Offr Rashtriya Indian Military College Garhi Cantt,Dehradun-248003 (UK) Tele: 0135-2753983 (Prospectus Cell)


The admission process at RIMC Dehradun consists of three stages:

A. Written Examination: The written examination includes three subjects: English (125 Marks), Mathematics (200 Marks), and General Knowledge (75 Marks). Candidates can answer the Mathematics and General Knowledge papers in either Hindi or English. To qualify, a candidate must score a minimum of 50% marks in each subject.

B. Viva Voce: The Viva Voce is a 50-mark oral test that assesses a candidate’s intelligence, personality, and confidence. The candidate needs to score at least 50% to pass.

C. Medical Examination: Candidates who qualify after the interview will undergo a medical examination at a selected Military Hospital. Only medically fit candidates will be eligible for selection and admission to RIMC. Please note that the medical examination is only a part of the selection system and does not guarantee final selection.



The RIMC entrance exam consists of three sections: English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge. Here’s a simplified breakdown of the syllabus for each subject:

EnglishSpotting common errors   Identifying synonyms and antonyms   Substituting one word for a phrase   Understanding idioms and phrases   Miscellaneous topics   Writing essays, letters, and stories
MathematicsUnderstanding the number system  Calculating HCF and LCM   Finding square and square roots   Computing averages, ratios, and proportions   Calculating percentages, profit and loss   Solving problems related to time and distance, time and work, simple interest Performing basic operations and factorization  Solving linear equations   Understanding set theory, lines, and angles  Studying triangles, quadrilaterals, and parallelograms  Learning about polygons   Understanding mensuration Calculating the area of field books    Studying cubes and cuboids
General SciencePhysics, Chemistry, and Biology
General KnowledgeLearning about history and geography  Staying aware of general knowledge and current affairs  Understanding games and sports


RIMC Dehradun has strict medical requirements to ensure that students are physically prepared for the demanding military lifestyle. These standards are based on the existing rules for the Indian Armed Forces and are periodically reviewed.

Medical Examination: All candidates who pass the written exam and viva voce test must undergo a medical examination at designated military hospitals in various states. This examination includes a physical checkup, vision and hearing tests, and laboratory investigations. The final decision on a candidate’s medical fitness is made by the Special Medical Board, composed of experienced medical officers.

Exam Details
Medical ExaminationAll candidates who pass the written exam and interview test must have a medical examination at military hospitals in different states.    This examination has a physical checkup, vision and hearing tests, and lab tests.   The Special Medical Board of expert medical officers decides the final medical fitness of a candidate.
General Health & FitnessCandidates should be healthy and free from any big diseases or disabilities.  They must have normal vision (Standard-I 6/6 & 6/6), with at least 6/18 & 6/18 in the better eye and 6/9 in the worse eye without glasses.   Myopia should not be more than 1.25 D Sph in any one direction.   Colour perception grade IV is not allowed.  Good hearing is also needed, with no big hearing loss.   Body weight should match height as per the BMI index, and candidates should not have any big deformities or defects.
Specific Medical ConditionsSome medical conditions, like asthma, epilepsy, or diabetes, may stop a candidate from joining depending on how bad they are and how they affect the person’s ability to do military training and work.   Candidates with a past of heart disease, brain disorders, or long-term illnesses are also not fit for admission.  Any past surgery, fractures, or big injuries must be told and checked by the medical board.  Candidates may be rejected if the medical officer thinks that future physical activities at RIMC could harm their health

Important Note: The medical standards for RIMC admission are subject to change. Candidates are advised to Check the RIMC website for new updates. Transparency about all medical conditions during the application process is crucial.


Ser No.PARTICULARSDetails of Term Expenditure (Amount)
(a)Security(One Time/Refundable)30000
(a)Tuition Fees8800
(b)Book Stationery2600
(d)Entertainment & Cinema1650
(f)Adventure & Activities800
(i)Hostel Maintenance Charge1550
(j)Founders’ Day900
(k)Magazine & Chronicle700
(m)Comdt Fund1100
(n)Postal Charges350
(q)Shoe Maker200
(a)Pocket Money1200
(d)Miscellaneous Expenditures6900


LibraryNamed after Major Somnath Sharma, the first Param Vir Chakra winner.   Has over 18000 books, journals, magazines and rare manuscripts.   Has separate alcoves for reading and browsing.
Computer CentreHas two labs with the latest hardware and software.    Helps cadets learn and develop computer skills.   Has a new Learning Resource Centre for IT and Library.
Cyber CafeProvides internet access to students and Faculty Members.  Helps them stay updated with current information.
Swimming PoolLet cadets take part in various Swimming Competitions.   Has a full Olympic Size Swimming Pool, with a 10 meter Diving platform.
Squash CourtHas three full-size Squash Courts.
Horse RidingLet cadets take part in various levels of competitions.  Has 20 horses with well-trained instructors.  Has a full-fledged jumping arena for riding skills.
Rock ClimbingHas an Artificial Rock-Climbing wall.   Trains cadets in the adventure sport of Rock Climbing.


RIMC Dehradun is a school that shapes leaders, builds friendships, and inspires service. It is the best choice for those who want to learn and lead in the defence sector. You can start your journey by visiting the RIMC Dehradun website and exploring the admission, curriculum, and campus life. RIMC Dehradun stands out for its intellectual and military training, its diverse extracurricular activities, its supportive alumni network, and its beautiful location. It is a place where nature and education come together to create a unique learning experience.

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