Discover the shocking clash between the Army and Police in Kupwara Valley, Jammu and Kashmir. Unfolded on 28 May 2024, this incident left the serene region in turmoil. Learn more about this unexpected confrontation.
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In the serene valleys of Kupwara, a district nestled in the northernmost part of Jammu and Kashmir, an unusual clash unfolded that rippled the calm of Jammu and Kashmir. This region, often spoken of for its breathtaking landscapes and the gentle rustle of poplar trees became the backdrop for a confrontation between traditional foes and between the Army and the Police—two forces that stand guard to protect and serve.

The incident, which occurred late Tuesday night on 28 May 2024, The Kupwara police station to turn from a mainstay of law and order into a ground of discord. A video quickly spread across social media platforms showed a group of army soldiers entering the police station. The resulting argument left five police personnel injured, including the Station House Officer (SHO), resulting in an official response and the filing of a case against 16 army soldiers, among them three officers of Lieutenant Colonel rank.

The Army’s response was to deny the accusations, saying that the reported attack was just a small disagreement. A person speaking for the defence said, “The stories about a fight and police being hit are based on wrong information and are not true. The small disagreement between the police and a territorial army group about a work issue has been settled in a friendly way.”

Why Army-Police Clashed in Kupwara?

However, the First Information Report (FIR) lodged by the police tells a different story. It names the 16 soldiers and accuses them of rioting, attempts to murder, and even the kidnapping of policemen from the station. The spark that ignited this confrontation was reportedly a police raid on the house of a territorial army soldier in Batpora village, part of an ongoing investigation. What followed was a swift and forceful response from the army soldiers, who descended upon the police station around 9:40 pm and launched an attack.

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The police report says that a group of soldiers from the 160 Territorial Army, who were carrying weapons and wearing uniforms, went into the police station without permission. They were led by three officers namely Lieutenant Colonels Ankit Sood, Raju Chauhan, and Nikhil. The report tells that these soldiers, without any reason, attacked the police station’s staff and officers very badly using the ends of their rifles, their feet, and sticks.

The problem got worse when high-ranking police officers were told about it and came to try to calm things down. But instead of getting better, the situation got more tense. The soldiers, who were being led by three officers, started to threaten with their weapons and took away mobile phones from the hurt police officers and the head officer at the station, Inspector Mohammad Ishaq.

The story became serious when it was claimed that the soldiers took the chief police officer. The official report stated, “As they were escaping, the soldiers took Senior Head Constable Ghulam Rasool with them and left the area.”

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The injured police officers, including the SHO, were subsequently moved to a hospital for treatment and are reported to be in stable condition. This clash has raised questions about the internal dynamics between different security forces and the protocols governing their interactions.

As the inquiry into this unusual event goes on, the peaceful hills of Kupwara are a testament to a tale that highlights both the delicate nature of peace and the robustness of the systems designed to maintain it. This event is a wake-up call that surprises can occur anywhere, even in the most beautiful settings, and how leaders react will influence the future of trust and teamwork. There’s still hope that events like this will lead to improved relations and clearer dialogue between the Army and the Police, guaranteeing the security and welfare of the citizens they’re dedicated to defending.


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