India’s defence personnel, the backbone of our nation, serve with unwavering courage and loyalty in the Armed Forces. Their dedication warrants respect and support. However, they often face challenges, such as travel for duty, training, or treatment, and finding affordable accommodation for their families. To address this, the Indian government has established numerous Sainik Rest Houses across the country, providing comfortable lodging and hospitality for these brave individuals and their families.

In this article, we will talk about the Central Sainik Rest House (CSRH) at Naraina Vihar, New Delhi, which is one of the best and well-kept Sainik Rest Houses in the country.


The CSRH in Naraina Vihar, New Delhi, is a Sainik Rest House made and maintained by the Kendriya Sainik Board. The CSRH started on 15 August 1997. The CSRH is at CB Block, Ring Road, Naraina, and is near the Naraina Vihar Metro Station on the Pink Line. The CSRH covers 1.5 acres and has 0.75 acres of building. The CSRH has 20 rooms, 40 dormitory beds, a dining hall, a conference hall, a reception, a lounge, a library, a gym, a garden, and a parking lot. The CSRH gives stay and hospitality to the serving and Ex-Servicemen and their families, at low charges, depending on the type and


Address: CB Block, Ring Road, Naraina-110028

Contact Detail:

011-25777049 (Booking of Accommodation)

9667647016 (For General Inquiry)

Email ID:


The Central Sainik Rest House has many facilities and services for the guests, like:


The CSRH has rooms and dormitories for the guests, depending on the type and availability. The rooms are big, nice, and have things like AC, TV, fridge, geyser, etc. The dormitory is also good and clean and has different parts for men and women. The guests can book the rooms before or when they come, by calling or emailing the Central Sainik Rest House staff.

The guests have to show their ID and pay the rent before the booking time, by card only. The rent does not have food, which can be taken separately at the dining hall. The check-in and check-out time is 11:00 hrs, and no money will be given back once the payment is done for the booking time. The guests can ask for more time beyond the booking time if there is space and they cannot demand it.

As per the DESW website Accommodations at the dormitory are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, with no reservations for any category. The priority for allotment is as follows:

  1. Ex-Servicemen (ESM) and their dependents.
  2. Ex-Servicemen who are in Delhi for re-settlement courses.
  3. Serving personnel of the Defence forces, their families, and civil personnel, provided there are vacancies.
AccommodationCategoryCharges Per DayAvailability
    RoomsOfficerServing: 600  10 Rooms
 ESM: 500
JCOs & EquivalentServing: 450  05 Rooms
 ESM: 400
Other RanksServing: 300  05 Rooms
 ESM: 250
DormitoryServing: 20040 Beds
Fare Chart CSRH

Food and other services:

The Central Sainik Rest House has food and other services for the guests, like meals, laundry, housekeeping, etc. The meals are given at the dining hall, which can have 60 people, and has different food, both veg and non-veg, at good rates. The laundry service is there at the CSRH, which takes a small fee for washing and ironing clothes. The housekeeping service is also there at the CSRH, which makes the rooms and the place clean and neat. The CSRH also has other things like Wi-Fi, Newspapers, magazines, etc., for the guests to use and enjoy.


The Central Sainik Rest House keeps the guests and their things safe, by having CCTV, a security guard, and a main gate. The main gate is open from 06:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs on all days, and the guests coming and going between 22:00 hrs to 06:00 hrs have to call or tell the CSRH staff. The guests also have to follow the time of the main gate, and the rules of the CSRH. The guests also have to keep their valuable things in a safe place and tell the CSRH staff if anything is lost or broken.


The Central Sainik Rest House has many recreational facilities for the guests and their families, by having a conference hall, a lounge, a library, a gym, a garden, and a parking lot. The conference hall can have 40 people and can be used for meetings, seminars, workshops, etc., by the guests, by booking and paying before. The lounge is a place, where the guests can relax and chat with other guests.

The library has books, magazines, newspapers, etc., on different topics, like Defence, history, culture, etc. The gym has different equipment and machines, like treadmill, cycle, weights, etc., for fitness and exercise. The garden is a green and quiet place, where the guests can enjoy the fresh air and the natural beauty. The parking lot has space for 20 cars and 10 two-wheelers, for parking.


The Central Sainik Rest House highly values the insights and suggestions from its guests as they strive to enhance their facilities and services. Guests are encouraged to share their experiences and recommendations either by penning them down in the register at the reception or by sending an email to The dedicated staff at CSRH is committed to addressing these feedback and suggestions, taking necessary actions to rectify any issues or complaints, thereby ensuring a comfortable and satisfying stay for all guests.



The CSRH at Naraina Vihar, New Delhi, is a Sainik Rest House for the Defence personnel and their families, with cheap and good stay and hospitality. The CSRH is in a good place and has many facilities and services, like rooms, food, canteen, recreation, library, gym, etc. The CSRH also gives security, fun, feedback, and suggestions to the guests. The CSRH is a second home and a thank you for the Defence personnel and their families.

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